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5 ok, amiért érdemes megnézni a Broadchurch-et

If you’re into crime dramas and crime shows in general like me, then I would totally recommend you give the series Broadchurch a watch. The series follows the story of a couple who experience the horrific murder of their son, but who is responsible for this? – will the police catch his killer? – and how will this quiet, enclosed seaside community handle what has happened? Will old tensions & secrets be revealed? Here are 5 reasons to watch Broadchurch.

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So, now that we’ve given you the general gist on Broadchurch and the plot and some of the main characters involved, were going to go over the top 5 reasons to watch Broadchurch. If you liked this post and found it useful, make sure you check out our post on how to watch Broadchurch for free.

1. Really good cast

First of all, let’s start with the characters of the series, which I thought were great. Firstly we have the two main characters, who are colleagues – DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller, játssza David Tennant és a Olivia coleman. On top of that, we have the mother of the boy who is murdered: Beth Latimer, játssza Jodie whittaker and his father Mark Latimer, játssza Andrew Buchan.

Now, I don’t want to spoil anything but these characters are really the ones that carry the whole series up until series 3 where we are now. There are especially good performances from Whittaker, Tennant és a Coleman. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed with the acting quality in this series, because there are some phenomenal performances.

2. Brilliant plot

A telek Broadchurch is simple enough to follow at the start, with the story being set up in the very first episode, it’s obvious where the direction of the story is headed right in the first episode, as everyone is scrambling to give details about the death and come up with ideas of who it could be. The plot will certainly add to the reasons to watch Broadchurch.

Considering the plot is stretched out till series 2, you can rest assured that it doesn’t get boring or anything like that. The plot is certainly one of the many reasons to watch Broadchurch

3. Good settings

Don’t let the seaside, quiet location of Broadchurch fool you, much like Halál a Paradicsomban, a series we’ve covered a lot on Bölcső nézet, the seedy, yet welcoming atmosphere of the town possesses a dark and historic tone that lies underneath. You will like the setting of Broadchurch because it has a similar effect that Death In Paradise did, although that was a bit different.

Something I really liked was that at the beginning of the first episode, it opens with a slow dissolve from black, to a still shot of the sea at night, beautifully accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing gently below. The dark night contrasted with the soft sound of the sea below, complete with the moonlight shining brightly above brilliantly sets the tone for the first episode and the entrance to the series.

4. Realistic character chemistry

Another one of the 5 reasons to watch Broadchurch is the character chemistry we see in the series. Not just from the two main characters but some of the family as well as other sub-characters we see in the series. In True Detective, Egy másik bűnügyi dráma we’ve covered before, the chemistry between the two main characters: Rozsda és a Márton, is really good, and for this reason, it makes their duo (with both being detectives) really likeable and funny at times.

We get the same element here with Bátor és a Molnár as they often have arguments and make fun of each other, making their time on screen really enjoyable, since we are rooting for both of them. With Broadchurch, there aren’t many times the chemistry feels off or poor.

5. There are 3 really good series so far

Most ellentétben True Detective, you won’t find that series 1 is amazing but series 2 is really bad and then series 3 is average. With Broadchurch, you really won’t get that, you have 3 brilliant series to get through each with around 8 episodes.

Even though True Detectives seasons were non-linear, and featured a different cast of characters in a different location each time, Broadchurch offers 3 series which are all linear, meaning that the events in the very first episode are connected all the way throughout the series.

The great thing about this is that it means you can really get invested in this series like I did, and what’s more, if you’re a reader from the US or somewhere outside England, you should read our post: Hogyan nézhetem meg ingyen a Broadchurch-et.

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